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Lash Extensions

Randa Rice

What Are Our Lash Extension Services At The Med Spa Waco?

At The Med Spa Waco, our Lash Extension services offer a semi-permanent way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your lashes. Using a meticulous process, individual lashes are applied to your natural lashes with a medical-grade adhesive, resulting in longer, fuller lashes that can last for several weeks. Our Lash Extension Full Set service, which varies in price, typically takes about 2 hours to complete. This treatment provides you with a lush, natural look that eliminates the need for daily mascara application. Book your appointment today to experience the convenience and beauty of expertly applied lash extensions.

How Much Do Our Lash Extensions Cost?

At The Med Spa Waco, the cost of our Lash Extension services varies depending on the specific requirements and desired look. Our Lash Extension Full Set service typically takes about 2 hours to complete, ensuring each individual lash is meticulously applied using a medical-grade adhesive for a longer, fuller lash appearance. The price for this service can fluctuate based on factors such as lash length, volume, and the customization required to achieve your perfect look. To get a personalized quote and to discuss your specific needs, please contact us today. Invest in the beauty and convenience of semi-permanent lash extensions and enjoy stunning lashes for weeks.

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What Separates The Med Spa Waco?

What separates Green Eye Med Spa from other wellness centers is our unwavering commitment to personalized care and advanced treatments. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives tailored services that meet their unique needs and goals. Whether you are seeking microblading, IPL photo facials, Botox, or stem cell micro-needling, we provide top-tier treatments with a focus on safety and effectiveness. Our esthetician, Randa Rice, combines her artistic skills and expertise to make every client feel comfortable and valued. At Green Eye Med Spa, we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and safety, offering peace of mind alongside our beauty enhancements. With a strong reputation for excellence, reflected in our numerous 5-star reviews, we are proud to be a premier destination for those seeking aesthetic and therapeutic services in a welcoming environment.

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